In an age where our interaction with nature and our surroundings is rapidly decreasing, a greenhouse can introduce us to beauty we otherwise would not be exposed to. I initially made the g series to capture The Falcone Greenhouse in the SUNY Fredonia Science Center which hosts a myriad of plant species from around the world. While I was an undergrad student, this greenhouse introduced me to natural wonders that I was overlooking far too often.
    Today, as a biologist and an artist, I am creating the g series to represent the beauty and diversity of the plant kingdom based on the species in the greenhouses I visit. Through these botanically relevant works of art, I am presenting these extraordinary spaces through my own eyes. My initial hope for this project was to expose other students at my institution to the wonders of the plant kingdom and attract them to the Falcone Greenhouse early in their studies, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Find a greenhouse near you.